Lost & Found

On Monday June 5th, the found items can be picked up from 14:00 – 18:00 hrs. at the supplier entrance at the site. The found are described below. If you find your lost item back, come and pick it up.

If you do not have the opportunity to come to the festival site on Monday, June 5th, please contact [email protected] and we will send you your items as soon as possible via PostNL. Shipping costs are for your own account. First round of shipment will take place on Friday the 8th of June.

Found items:

ID-Card, Passport, Drivers license

Rose-Marie Louwers

K. Blonk

Bram Pennings

Martijn Geurts

Antonius Lavrijsen

Martina van Boxmeer/ van den Akker

Victoras Kagioris

Darleen Butz

Aris Sterkenburg

Rens van Rijswijk

Petronella Reuvers

Wouter Boelens

Chiriva Verouden

Remco Ajith Duives

Martinus Hendrikus Schot

Jamie Lee Zinnemers

Maxime Emmanuel Beauperin (FR)

Alexis Leonce Roger Duflos

Marle Muselaers

Alice Piette

Sean S Koppen

Milan M Theeuwes

Marnie Heckenrath

Bregje Sanders

Ruby van Steen
ATM cards / Creditcards

Marc Wulf (DE)

Joris Bernard

J.B Bosch

L.H.A.M Zwinkels

Lotte Leenes

L.W Donkers

K.A.J van Agt

M.A.M Wouters

S.H.P Bok

C.B Claessen

R.D van Delden

L.P.M Verbaarscho

W. Markus


J. van der Heijden

P.A.M van der Meer

A.H.P Horrevorts

R van Rijswijk

H.A.M van Houtum

M W J Geurts

L.C.P v.d Boogaard

A. de Groot

Crist van den Berg

Michelle van Rooy

Chiara Claux

Paula G G

KA Junior

Kristine van Kessel


Y.J. Sprick

T.E.M Romswinckel

T.M.G van der Heuvel


N van der Wilk

D V Khabbazi

T. Mulders-Opperman

M.H.M de Laat

N.A.H Willemse

D.E.A Kerp

Jonnie Vosters


We have found several phones and they are all listed below. We can turn the majority on and have noticed that most of the phones are form BE/FR. To make sure that is your phone, you can send us a description of your background – or to be absolutely sure, you can send us you’re code. We’ll do nothing with your phone, but we want to make sure it’s returned to the rightful owner.

Keep in mind: if your lost phone is not on this list, we don’t have it!

Samsung A5                FR language

Iphone 5SE                  Gold/White (NL)

Huawei P8                   White / German language

Samsung ?                  Designed by Vodafone on the back

Samsung                     Dive 71 Orange


If you have lost your keys, please give a clear description of your key + keychain.


Hong Fa Lau (DE)

Gijs Visser

Jasper J Woudenberg

Marle  Muselaers

Gerardus Godefridus Jonathan van der Heijden

Julien Matta (FR)

David Simon Godin

Agata duda

Robin Dehasque

G.C Veraart

Jack & Jones blouse – Size M
H&M jack – Size 40
Purse Women’s – Black
Hotpants – Black